Start a Family Newsletter

A family newsletter can be a great way to keep your kids occupied for a few hours! We’ve had versions here on video games, new pets, recent school activities and updates on the neighborhood.

The first step is to determine your topic. You can send older kids off on a research project to locate information on their selected topic, or to take pictures or screenshots to help them describe their topic. For instance… having your Minecraft-obsessed teen prepare a Minecraft tips newsletter will likely generate quite a bit of writing, building, and screen captures to prepare a good newsletter showing tricky ways to do specific things in Minecraft.

Younger kids may want to sit down with you and have you scribe out recent activities, or may need to gather or prepare projects to highlight in their update.

Once you have the topic selected, go ahead and gather the materials, screen shots, and writeups that are needed to cover the selected stories.


Finally – it’s time to actually produce the newsletter itself. The method to create your newsletter is also limited only to your imagination!

For younger kids – they can create a collage on a topic by cutting pictures out of magazines or drawing pictures about the information they want to share. You can add legends if you like. Then – photograph or scan, and you can send it to your extended family for review.

Older kids can create a version online using Smile Box – it’s a free online program that lets you create a newsletter and then email or post it.

They could also create their own version in MS Word using one of their templates – just open the program, click on File, New, and then type “newsletter” in the “Search templates” box. The image above is is an example of the MS OFfice “Family Newsletter” template.

Once created – it’s time to deliver to your “subscribers”. Smile Box will automatically email out to a provided list of email addresses. A MS Word or hand written version can be printed and delivered in person, or scanned / attached to an email message.

Newsletters can be great ways to make school projects such as book reports more fun. You can even have your kids prepare a Math Newsletter where they demonstrate how to solve problems, or a Science Newsletter where they document current experiments and results.