Review: Space Puzzles

This is the type of book I most like to get for my kids! It has puzzles that require thinking to solve – no regurgitating facts here! We’ll be using it as a supplement for our math program this year, because it’s just plain fun – the kids won’t even realize it’s math!

For example, one puzzle has a map of the launch facility, and gives some directions on how you arrived at the launch pad that morning. The solver needs to review the information, and determine where the launch took place on the map.

All of the puzzles have an outer space theme, and the colors and graphics are bright and hold the attention. Hints are available if you get stumped, and answers are included in the back.

It’s available in kindle – but I’d recommend the print version; personally I prefer it for books like this one.

It’s also part of a series – “Ocean Puzzles”, “Jungle Puzzles” and “Pyramid Puzzles” are also available.

Note: I received a review copy from NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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