Review: Ranger Rick’s Travels: National Parks!

I’ve been thinking it would be a great experience for my family to travel to many of the national parks and participate in the Junior Ranger program. To participate, you collect a guide at the lodge of the park you are visiting, complete the activities (generally some questions relating to tours of areas in the park and some paper activities), and turn in the book to receive your badge. We’d learn about some natural areas that are so unique the government is protecting them, and collect up some loot while we did it!

This book is a great and inspiring guide if you’re considering a similar plan. It includes descriptions and pictures from the “best of the best” national parks, and also includes insider ideas for when you’re there – for instance, did you know you can sled on the dunes at the Sand Dunes National Park?

I originally read this in kindle, but would recommend a hard copy (which I’m going to get!) as a keep on hand guide to inspire your family to travel!

Note: I received a review copy from NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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