Review: Garbology

Fascinating! And… scary.

I’m not quite sure what compelled me to read “Garbology”, but I’m glad I did. After going “plant based” a year ago, I felt like I’d done my part to reduce global warming and waste by eliminating animal products in my diet. However, I never paid much attention to the amount of trash I threw away.

That has now changed. Statistics such as Americans have 5% of global population, but create 25% of the trash – and that the food thrown uneaten in the U.S. amounts to 25% of the edible amounts – I have realized that I push a full trash bin to the curb every Friday. The average American throws away 7.1 pounds of trash a day – a lifetime legacy of 102 TONS of waste per person, and an almost 250 pound pile from my family every week. And all of it has to go somewhere… Never had a second thought about where that trash went once it was dumped into the truck and taken away.

This book inspired me to action – I dug out the reusable grocery bags I was given for Christmas 2 years ago and put them in the car. I also downloaded the “Garbage Project” curriculum mentioned in the book and am going to do a project with my kids. Next steps are tougher… still working on those!

Note: I received a review copy from NetGalley. All opinions are my own.

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