Sometimes you want your kiddos to be busy, but just don’t have the time or enthusiasm to help them come up with a project. That’s where these come in! We’ve tried a gazillion subscription boxes, science kits, craft sets, etc… and these are “the best of the best” from our perspective. These are all items I’ve purchased more than once for my own family… so hopefully they will work for yours as well!

Recommended Resources:

Kiwi Crate: This box comes with several different projects, and with all materials included – even glue! The instructions include pictures so my kids were able to complete them independently even before they could read. My recommended age: 4 – 7.

Groovy Lab: This is a monthly hands-on open-ended science lab. The projects are “suggestions”, and include additional questions so the user can then modify their design based on multiple scenarios and improve it. Not just your average “put it together like this” kit – these involve thinking! The kits include extra pieces for the scenarios, so many hours of learning are packed in. My recommended age: 6 – 12, with assistance for the younger kids.

BrickLoot: This kit includes lego kits (many exclusive to BrickLoot) as well as lego-themed toys and activities. Good quality, and a lot of items in the box. My recommended age: anyone who liked legos, and is old enough not to eat them!

BitsBox: These kits teach kids basic computer programming techniques in a fun way. They have a free set of apps you can use on their web site – click on the “Get Started” in the upper right corner of their home page. The monthly boxes include printed books, printed cards for each program, and a few fun items. My recommended age: 6+, though younger kids may need help with the typing.

YouthDigital: These are amazing video-based programming classes, which include a download of any software tools needed. Our very favorite is based on programming changes in Minecraft, which teaches Java. They also have courses on app programming where you can then play the apps on your iPad or phone.