Make Lego Gummies

It’s always fun when my kids are so excited about a project that they bug me to get the ingredients ready. This was one of those projects!

It’s surprisingly easy to make gummies. You will need:
* A box of flavored gelatin (i.e. Jello or a similar brand – we used strawberry)
* A box of unflavored gelatin packets (there are 4 envelopes in a box)
* A way to heat up your “brew” – some sort of double boiler setup; we used a glass measuring cup set in a pan of simmering water
* A silicone mold for your candy (it needs to be silicone since the gummies stick and you will need to push the compartments “inside out” to eject your candy).

Here’s the process:
* Stir together the box of flavored gelatin, all 4 envelopes of unflavored gelatin, and 1/2 cup of water. It will be thick – just do your best to moisten all of the powder.
* Set up your double boiler and bring some water to a simmer.
* Put the resulting goo into your double boiler setup. Here’s our version – it worked well as the handle of the glass measuring cup stayed cool enough for me to lift it out with bare hands once the goo was melted:


* Stir occasionally. Once the goo heats up it will become liquid and translucent. At this point it’s ready to transfer to the mold.
* Spoon or pour into your mold. We used a lego shaped mold since we had it available.
* Cool in your refrigerator or freezer until it firms up – it only takes 10 minutes or so in the freezer.
* Eject from the mold – and eat!