DIY Wall Projector For Your Phone

We made a wall projector from a cell phone, magnifying glass and shoe box!

It’s certainly not the fanciest one you could come up with… but it uses materials easy to find around the house, and kept the kids busy for a couple of hours afterwards projecting images onto their walls.

The original project idea is from Instructables – see the instructions here:

The basic concept is to place your phone inside the box, and then project the picture or video on your phone screen through a magnifying glass and against the wall.

Materials used:

  • Shoe box with lid
  • Magnifying glass
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue gun
  • Cell phone

Wall Projector Materials

We couldn’t figure out how they made their phone holder, so we came up with our own version:

  • Start with a piece of cardboard the height of the box but 1 inch wider.
  • Fold the ends on the short sides up and over – so they extend up 1/4 inch, and then inward by 1/4 inch.
  • Cut some narrow strips of cardboard – 1 inch shorter than the long side of the box, and enough that you can create 2 stacks the height of your phone.
  • Hot glue the stacks of cardboard strips together – to you have 2 stacks which fit along the long edge of your cardboard inside the folds.
  • Glue one of the strip stacks to the long edge of the cardboard inside the folded edges, and then glue the folded edges to it – to make a case your phone can slide into.
  • The second glued stack of strips slides in after the phone to hold it in place.
  • Finally, the whole piece with the phone slides into the box.

Projector Phone Holder

Wall Projector

Here’s a picture showing a small projection onto our refrigerator – woo hoo!  We later tried it on the wall, and produced a large and visible projection onto the wall (probably 2 feet by 3 feet)!  Quality was not the best – but the novelty was worth a lot, the crew was very excited that they built it themselves!

Projector Image

A fun project, and only took about 30 minutes!